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Dobbit Diaries 2 The Hidden Room A Fable of Power and Secrets

Dobbit Diaries - The Hidden Room

A Fable of Power and Secrets

Once upon a time D18

2 faced troll D18Doop, the 2 faced troll quivered with rage.
"Where's Gris?" she roared.

"What's wrong now?" snapped Doop's partner, the one-eyed giant.

He had been eye-balling the dobbits in the courtyard below. One Eye loved playing cruel games. He had come to enjoy toying with the dobbits. They were powerless and afraid of him - which he found quite exciting. The sudden interruption to his scheming thoughts by Doop's voice was quite irritating.

Her voice had been so loud and full of anxiety that all of the other giants in the great stone hall had stopped what they were doing too. "What is it?" several of them asked at once.
One eyed giant D18
"Wiz Priv is almost here... Where is Gris?" squeaked Doop.

"You called?" chimed Gris, as she floated through the "Party Room" door.

"Quick! Turn off all the lights. Lock up the "Party Room" and get rid of the door," shouted Doop, who was now in a real "tiz".

Before her sentence had finished, the door to the great hall swung open; and Priv, one of the senior wizards in charge of the law in Dobbit Valley swished into the room. As he entered the great hall, the door to the Party Room vanished.
Secret room with hidden door D18

Wiz Priv blinked his eyes and eyed the occupants of the hall suspiciously. "What's going on? We got a complaint that you lot have been doing-in dobbits," announced Priv. "Wasn't there a door right there a moment ago?" he added, in a puzzled voice. 

As he spoke, Doop's loose face folds slipped slightly. Her face and figure transformed, appearing to Priv as a beautiful female wizard. (2 faced trolls are powerful illusionists and love to trick people).

Doop kept the wizard's eyes focused on her to maintain the illusion. "You're mistaken darling. The whirlwind you came on must have blown dust in your eyes," she said soothingly.
hypnotizing D18

"Come with us" added Gris also assuming a trance-inducing voice. "It's a long trip. You must be thirsty." Mesmerized, the wizard, accompanied by the two trolls, left the great hall and headed for the library.

Gris was a legal troll. She was cunning and persuasive like all trolls. But a very small part of her bloodline was wizard. Consequently the wizards trusted her to see that the law of Dobbit Valley was carried out by the giants. 

The mesmerizing effect of Doop and Gris acting together had tricked several senior wizards into making a number of laws that were strongly in favor of the giants' and trolls' interests (and to the detriment of the majority of the occupants of the valley - the dobbits); and also encouraged them to interpret other laws so that the outcomes were in favor of the giants and trolls. This had resulted in a lot of unfair and unjust actions when there were disputes between giants and dobbits.
Mesmerizing D18

In the library, Gris had put Priv into a trance with her slow, deep, hypnotizing voice. Doop delicately stroked his hand (ever ready to grab the old fool if he suddenly came to his senses and tried to get away). Gris proceeded to hypnotize the dazed wizard - reinforcing her preferred interpretation of the Privilege Law.

The Privilege Law was important because it allowed the giants to completely hide all evidence of wrong-doing. That wasn't supposed to be the purpose of the law - but Doop and Gris had persuaded senior wizards to interpret the law the way they wanted. This was so that anything a legal troll deemed should be kept secret - was allowed to be kept absolutely secret - irrespective if the secrets included evidence of wrong-doing or evil-doing on the part of the giants or trolls.

Lock to secrets D18
Most legal trolls had a sense of right and wrong; but some of them, like Gris, believed that a desired end justified any means. Although as a legal troll, Gris was supposed to insure the giants acted fairly and within the law - the giants paid her very well. She liked being able to use her cunning in her job, and liked being appreciated for her skills in deception. She considered her allegiance to be with the giants not the wizards; and would do anything to protect their interests. It did not bother her what the giants had been doing to the dobbits. Like some of the giants, Gris believed the dobbits were beneath her and expendible. Her job was to keep whatever it was that had happened to them - a deep dark secret.

Gris had decided to be extra careful. The giants had some awful secrets and devious plans that could result in major trouble from the wizards and everyone in the valley if they were to become known. She had come up with the idea of keeping evidence of all wrong-doing in a hidden room. She would use her legal troll status to protect it's contents. 

Secret Party Room D18
One Eye named the hidden place where Gris stored their secrets - the "Party Room". He and his mates liked to gather there to drink beer and scheme. He loved to sit amidst the papers, pictures, specimens and instruments of wrong-doing - with the cozy feeling of knowing he was in no danger of being found out. The fact that Gris had power to completely lock up the Party Room, and even make the door disappear added to his feelings of security.

One Eye knew that dobbits in the valley had been making complaints to the wizards that some dobbits, who had been at the giant's castle, had disappeared. He laughed to himself. Gris' idea to put any evidence that could even remotely implicate him or any of the other giants or trolls in wrong-doing - into the "Party Room", guaranteed that they would not be found out.

"Poor old Priv. He hasn't got a hope of getting any truth out of that pair," laughed one of the other giants. "By the time they finish mesmerizing him, he won't have a mind of his own."

Another of the giants scowled at One Eye and said: "This is your fault One Eye. Why can't you leave the dobbits alone. We don't need the wizards snooping around here."

"Don't be such a fool," One Eye answered. "The "Party Room" is hidden. Thanks to Gris, no one but us can get into it and see what's in there," he added. 

"What they don't know - can't hurt us," he added gleefully.

Separator D18

Locked door to secrets D18

Giants say: "What they don't know - can't hurt us."

In truth, what giants know, but we don't know - can hurt us.

The misuse of the Privacy Act and Litigation Privilege encourages the use of secrecy and coverups to hide wrong-doing.
  • It allows wrong-doers to hide evidence of their actions; and prevents others from being able to access evidence to prove that wrong-doing has occurred.
  • It is inherently unfair; and flies in the face of natural justice.

Separator D18a

Lies disguised as truth D18
Pulling our strings Puppets D18

Some politicians and bureaucrats think the general public are dumb. They want to keep us that way by controlling what information we are given. The information we are provided may be "truthiness" (which is not the truth, and involves all manner of deception), not true - in order to put a positive spin on something. Hiding information is another tool of "impression management." 

Freedom of information is a cornerstone of democracy and justice. Without it, the risk of a decline into an authoritarian form of government is virtually inevitable.

Are we "sheep-les" who can be led to believe and do whatever our masters say; or are we thinking people who want to be truthfully informed? 

Are we willing to speak up and insist on the truth? Are we prepared to take action to guard our democratic rights and our rights to justice and fair treatment?
separator D18b

Thinking Tiger D18

The people generally trust their government, law-makers and the publicly funded bureaucrats who are responsible for representing their interests. But the "people" are being deceived in many instances. We feel this is wrong.  The "people" - ordinary folk like you and me have great power in democratic countries. We can and should do something about this.

Lies, deception, cover-ups and corrupt practices must be "out"-ed if they are to end. This is necessary for democracy and justice to survive.
Sleeping Tiger D18

The "people" are like a sleeping tiger.

Leaping Tiger D18

If you pull the tail of the tiger; it is to be expected that the tiger will wake up, take notice of it's tormenters and give chase.

In the interests of democracy, justice, world peace and a stable economy for ordinary people - the tiger must run wrong-doers to the ground.

Tiger running wrong do-ers to ground D18

Original 3 Monkeys D18
Original 3 Monkeys

All that is required for evil to take hold and grow is to: close your eyes, block your ears, shut your mouth - and do nothing. 

If we do nothing - then nothing will improve.

Spreading the Word D18

Spread the word!

One person can achieve little or nothing. 
Many can move mountains.

3 Freedom Monkeys D18
3 Freedom of Information Monkeys
Thank you from
3 Monkeys & me

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